måndag, juni 26, 2006

The Seed Project

David Cohen is an artist who is posting in a Google Newsgroop (keskusteluryhmä). I did find this message and got the idea about being a part of his seed.

I don't have a profile of him yet, but there is something exciting about the idea of collecting digital photographs the way David Cohen suggests. FRÖ = Seed! and I'd like to know your opinions about how to participate or react to David's great idea.

We have a superb photographs about FRÖ = Seeds that could be delivered to David. Read more about Davids idea below. Pleas respond in any language to this post.

Best regards, Helge K.

Lähettäjä: David Cohen - katso profiilia
Päivämäärä: Ma 24 huhti 2006 21:20
Sähköposti: David Cohen admin@artworldigest.net

Hey Open Ground!

As you might have heard I've published a magazine called Artworld Digest. Now I've started working on the next issue. I'm doing this big Seed Project where people plant seeds all over the world and email me digital images of the results.

I put them all together to create a "virtual field". The people who participate are invited to a Seed Meet Up event where they will meet everyone at the party and get contact info (basically a party with a little more structure). The first one will be at Maiden.

I am already meeting with a bunch of people who are participating this weekend if any of you would like to attend. I've also started a list serve so members can talk to one another before or after the party to share resources, etc.

My ultimate goal would be to create not just a virtual field but a community of artists, ideas, resources. The Seed is a reminder of the incredible power to create and redefine the world that we all have particularly as artists. Art itself redefines the world.

It's $10 to participate. This will help pay for the last issue of the magazine and the upcoming one as I have no plans on accepting advertising. let me know, thanks! David Cohen

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