onsdag, augusti 29, 2007

The Knitting Fiend

Helge: I write here about designers and crafters that are blogging. Lucia blogs knitting math, haikus and more. We've some active Finnish bloggers but the Design & Craft people have a long way to go compared with US. What is holding back?

  • Why are Designers and Crafters afraid to blog?
  • The technical aspects are not a reason for not doing it
  • The language barrier is a reality
  • The writing block

The Knitting Fiend: "On discussing non-knitting at a knitting blog Luna asked whether it’s ok to discuss tracking blog traffic at a knitting blog. The answers is, “Sure it is!” I’ve done it before. Many of your visitors are bloggers and enjoy the occasional blog about blogging. The reason I started a new blog about blogging is that I was planning to write tons of posts about blogging. Those would have seriously bored knitter to tears. What’s Stumble?

Can it help my knitting blog? As to your not knowing what “Stumbles” are… that’s not surprising. I never paid attention to these sites until I started blogging about blogging! But knowing what Stumble is may help you get traffic to your knitting blog. If you blog for business purposes, this could get you business for your store. So if you’d like to try, I’ll describe what it is and how to use it."

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