söndag, oktober 28, 2007

Wallsticker Competition

Wallsticker Competition: "Welcome to the design competition of design3000 and DESIGNSPOTTER.com! design3000, founded in 1999, has become one of the leading design shops in the world wide web with more than 3000 visitors per day.

Interested users can choose from a range of more than 5.200 products of well known manufacturers. Regular special editions as well as unusual products, which cannot be bought by retail also belong to the wide offering of design3000.

DESIGNSPOTTER.com considers itself as a platform for young and fresh design far from convention and establishment and counts to one of the Top100 design blogs in the web. The online design magazine daily presents the latest trends of international young designers and newcomers.

Furthermore DESIGNSPOTTER.com presents itself at shows e.g. at the international furnishing show in Cologne or at the TENT in London, is multiple media partner, and runs a PR- and marketing-agency for designers and architects."

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