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Saturday's Create and Craft demo here in Bray - Stello Blog

Helge: I know Stello through Facebook and Jaiku. She is living in Ireland. Stello is an active blogger writing in Finnish and English. She writes, "I'm addicted to testing free blogs, photo albums, forums, etc.. So, as a note to myself, I'm just adding some links to my other (not so active) blogs..." I think she could be a valuable contact for Nylands Hantverk if we want to start selling Fro and other Desgin & Craft products in Ireland. I also write this as an invitation for Stella to visit the www.fro.fi shop in Porvoo / Borgå when you are visiting Finland.

About Stello, Stella Stenroos, Ireland

Saturday's Create and Craft demo here in Bray - Stello Blog: "I'm a bit late with these pictures, but I've only just gotten them uploaded.. Anyway, the Premier Arts & Craft Store on Florence Road hosted a Create and Craft demo on Saturday, with Frances Boylan.

It was to introduce new Create and Craft products, which will be available to buy at the shop from January 2008.

You can see all the pics on Bray Forum (large versions - I recommend this one as some of the sticker pictures are much better in the larger size) or in my photo blog (blog size, obviously with less details).

There are some of Frances, some of the products and the sample projects she had created with them, and I've also taken pictures of the goody bag contents, showing more Create and Craft products."

Stello - the "About me" entry

As my various websites are sort of all over the place at the moment, and I'm too lazy to be revamping them, I'll post this grand About Me entry in the blog - enjoy slainte

If you want to kill the music, the controls are above this..

Who am I?

My real name is Stella Stenroos, but I have a comic family called "The New Threefingermen" who speak Threefingerlo - my first name in Threefingerlo is Stello, so the nickname stuck.. Whenever I make Italian net friends, I like to let them know that I'm not a man gulp

When should you send me birthday pressies?
I was born on October 27, 1971. That makes me a (typical) Scorpio, and a Chinese Pig (nice with black bean sauce & egg fried rice, but please order duck instead).

Where to send those pressies?
Right, I've had my address online since 1996, and there haven't been any axe murderers yet (not that we even have an axe to kill), so here goes again:

Stella Stenroos
17 Seapoint Court
Seapoint Road

(That's right, there's no post/zip codes in Ireland)

(Download our home as a Google Earth placemark)

Where did I come from?
I'm originally from Helsinki, Finland. I lived my first 20 years in Lauttasaari, went to school in Myllykallion ala-aste (6 years), Lauttasaaren yhteiskoulun yläaste (3 years), and Etu-Töölön lukio (3 years). When I was 20, I moved to Taka-Töölö (also in Helsinki) where I lived until January 1997.

Then what happened, then what happened?
I moved to Ireland on January 31, 1997 - it was something like -20C with a blizzard in Helsinki when I left, and lovely overcast +4C in Dublin when I arrived yay I knew I didn't want to move to Dublin (too big), so I had sort of randomly picked Galway.. I had made a short trip in late '96 to find an apartment (in Salthill) and all, so it was all sorted when I moved. (Any other Finns who are planning to move here - you might find this useful).

I eventually ended up in Bray, though. I've lived here since March '99, with Daniel, his mam, and our two cats, Thatsit (female) and Oimouttahere (male).

Helge: Stello writes several blogs. If you like to read more, please go to Stello. There is a long list of blogs.

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