onsdag, september 17, 2008

Art Gallery - Histola Oy Ltd

Art Gallery - Histola Oy Ltd: "Art Gallery. In our virtual art exhibition we are seasonally introducing changing art work by various different artists. Artist of the Season Click to see all the paintings of Paula Kiuru

With my paintings I have always expressed either my life or feelings. Probably quite a common thing to say but true. Maybe in some of them you can see the serenity of the Italian landscape and in some of them the strong energy that needed to be vented out on canvas.

In Italy I spent time with the computer science working for a multimedia company. Since then I have continued with IT in Finland also working as an Art Director and latest running and owning a Yoga Studio. A creative life in so many ways living and working in Tampere, occationally visiting friends and colleagues in Italy and San Francisco, finding inspiration."

Helge: It's possible for artists and designers to cooperate with companies in many ways. This is one example. Creativity should not be limited to design and crafting alone.

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