torsdag, januari 22, 2009

Visuella Hälsningar frå Norge

Välkommen på vernissage fredagen den 30.1.2009, klockan 18 -19. Utställningen öppnas av norske ambassadör Leidulv Namtvedt.

Utstilling - info on photographies

Dear Helge Keitel,

Gunnar Fon has given me your name and e-mail address. I want to give you some information that could be added to the information that you already have on Gunnar Fon and Gerd Merkesdal in connection with the upcoming exhibit. I also add a few jpg files that could be used on your website or in other connections. Would you need higher resolution files, I would be happy to send you.

Per Miljeteig is a fine arts photographer, based in Oslo, Norway. First separate exhibit ìReflectionsî in Oslo 2005. In connection with launch of the book ìTourist Visasî which he did with poet Judith Ennew, another separate exhibit in 2006. He has also participated in several collective shows in Norway. Miljeteig works exclusively with analogue cameras and prefer the black and white imagery. His subject matter includes streetscapes, portraits and nudes.

The pictures in this exhibit are a result of collaboration with Gunnar Fon in connection with his exhibit at von Echstedska gÂrden in Sweden 2007. They are an effort to capture the magic created when Fon’s garments found their place in the unique midsummer atmosphere of this 17th century manor.

Information on photographs:

All pictures are digital prints from negatives, pasted on aluminum, 40 x 40 cm. Limited editions of maximum 5 prints from each photograph. They are for sale, as is, at 625 Euro each.

Best regards,
Per Miljeteig

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