onsdag, april 02, 2008

The Creatvie Challenge

Germany Calling!
  • The Design & Craft team has been busy all the winter creating new products
  • Frö Teamet har jobbat hårt hela vintern för att få frma nya produkter
  • Frö Joukkue on tehnyt lujasti luovaa työtä koko talven, uudet tuotteet ovat nyt esillä Fiskarsisa
We talk about participating in a Germany related project. What does it mean for the individual participant?

  1. Information Auf Deutsch
  2. We should start a German blog
  3. Who is going to write?
  4. Price lists in German
  5. Product information
It's a big task and a challenge. It will not succeed without networking.
  1. Cost management
  2. It's not about going there
  3. We need a story
  4. Digital Storytelling
Homework has to be done properly.

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