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Blogging Design and Craft

Thursday, March 30, 2006 I wrote about "Blogs and podcasts"
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Blogging is the most underestimated thing today. Most of the really next big things are here but people don't realize the potential and power of blogs.

It's not about me writing my opinions somewhere. Blog pages are different. They have a context. Which means they can be syndicated.

People don't want to give their email addresses. Blogs you can search for. Readers can comment a blog post.

It can be a small group following. The amount of readers is not important. If you want to innovate, you have to collaborate.
  • Linked-in
  • Multiple forms of freedom
  • Expert in Linux and banking
I really wanna meet this person. How do we share our thinking.
  • It's in my blog folders
  • We are collaborators
  • It's fundamental and instrumental
Can you talk about other infrastructures that are important?

Collaboration was hard to do before Internet. You had to ride a horse for three months to meet the person. Not before Internet was it possible to collaboration on a real-time basis. All persons are basically connected.
  • Channels
  • Gate keepers
  • We see the new capability
  • The semantic web is now emerging
  • They have context
  • They have tags
  • Tags are changing the word
  • iTunes
  • Flickers
  • Photoshop elements
Motorcycles, IBM, KK-Net, etc.

Adding context to those pictures. The explosion of the context. Picture, music or ideas. You can search on the tags. There is deep research going on.

It will come from the grassroots. It came from people, just people. The power of the people is now happening. This is a key part of innovation. Adding their tags. Listening is so important to innovation. You also need to get that outside opinion. There are so many experts out there. Search specifically through the blogs.
  • Technorati
  • Search all the blogs
  • Do a search and get a hit
  • What are the leading edge thinkers saying this week
It's all on the Internet. Who are in the knows. Most blogs to other blogs. How do you know if a book is good? You can go to blogs and get peoples personal opinions. Blurbs. The comments from people. I have heard from these people. Who are they writing about.

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