onsdag, april 25, 2007

Nylands Design Craft Fro

Welcome to the www.fro.fi Design & Craft shop in Borgå / Porvoo. A team of talented Finnishd designers and crafts women and men are displaying their products at the shop and showroom in Porvoo. The address is:

Nylands Hantverk r.f., Kirkkokatu 1, FIN-06100 PORVOO, Phone 040 716 6839, www.nylandshantverk.net, [fro@nylandshantverk.net]

Nylands Hantverk r.f., Kyrkogatan 1, FIN-06100 Borgå, Finland, Telefon 040 716 6839, www.fro.fi, [fro@nylandshantverk.net]

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Anonym sa...

Just found your blog. It's very inspiring to read about your own brick & mortar shop - a real boutique. Also what's interesting is how many forms creativity and material can take.

Helge V. Keitel sa...

Thanks Päivi, http://www.peikonpoika.com/peikkola/ I found your home page. You're located close. Please vist frö when you have the opportunity to come to Porvoo / Borgå. Br Helge