tisdag, maj 29, 2007


Paeonia, Just in case if you ever happen to visit Borgå / Porvoo, please take the time to come to FRÖ. More about the NDC = Nylands Design Craft at FRÖ. I read your blog now and then. We discussed today with Ylva about blogging as a way to get more attention and exposure for design and craft. The NDC is an example of a virtual enterprise that has taken place in distributed space and time. New technology could help the craftsmen and women (FRÖuknana) to build relationships with NDC admirers. Please, let us know what you think. Best regards Helge


Paeonia: "Business with heart and integrity. I hate to say this but I've become a careless person. For instance, I lost the form for enrolling as a PhD-student this semester.

Luckily for me, it could be done via the phone as well. And I've lost my favorite rings, although the exquisite (in my view only, haha, it's made of iron thread) one I bought in a designer shop in Paris was found at the summer cottage of a friend. Thus, I decided to buy some more in Stockholm.

We went to the Street Market by the sea, and what a marvellous place! I loved the small shops where most of the things were hand made and had great heart and soul in them. I found two lovely ones to adorn my piano fingers and a jar of spices for the autumn's elk meat stews.

Well, as I'm flickring through a magazine on the flight back home, I see an article on the founder of the Street Market, John Higson. He says that his motto in life is 'making my dreams come true without loosing heart and integrity.' No there's a life device I can live with and by."

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