onsdag, juli 25, 2007

Design and Craft

Nylands Design Craft has been a national project. We are working with the next step to build an international presence on the web.

Twitter is a new tool. Connie Reece introduced craftynation. Ylva, Gunvor & Co. get familiar with Twitter. Connie has introduced Frö to craftynation.

Connie Reece conniereece @craftynation - good morning! Started my day the same way, w/ coffee & tweets. Kinda like greeting coworkers around virtual coffee pot.

conniereece Whispers back @AnnOhio - hey, that's what we do! We're creative marketing types and we want our friends to succeed. So we're unorthodox

Connie Reece conniereece @digitalvillages - beautiful designs! I'll send that link to @craftynation, who has a new social network for crafters, craftynation.com.

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Toni Lyn sa...

Hey there, Toni Lyn here from craftynation.com - you have a great idea here and we invite you to come watch our video show and link to us. We have posted you to our delicious!