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Craftynation is one of my distant friends from Twitterland. I try to figure out what it is all about.

* Name: Toni Lyn
* Bio: Interested in All Things Crafty so join the conversation
* Location: Washington D.C.
* Web: http://craftynation....
* Joined: Feb 18 2007

Toni Lyn writes the craftynation blog. I try to evaluate based on one blog posting and then looking for more.

I am self admittedly addicted to beauty. I love beautiful places, beautiful things and beautiful people (inside and out). I am simply one of those types that must have beauty in my life to avoid the blues. If things around me are ugly, I am too. I have been so busy lately, I have been out of sorts when it comes to finding pretty things to share with all of you. So when my mom sent me this pic, I went ooooo, ahhhhh, felt such a calm inside and knew I had to post this. This is beauty at its finest, created by the most talented crafter of all…(guess who?).

Helge: The picture is great and so is the definition. I like to learn more.

Now I think as Crafters, the desire to create beautiful things reflects our apprehension of the beauty we see around us in our lives and in other people. We notice something or someone in the world that inspires us (perhaps like this photo) and then we are driven to produce something we thinks is beautiful too; and then we go oooo, ahhhh!! I personally find it important to share what I make with others because of this reason…I want them to feel good, and I feel good when they go oooo, ahhhh!

Helge: We've the Design and Craft people over here as well in tiny Finland. They want to produce beautiful things.

In addition, many people believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I disagree. Beauty is actually in the world and a beholden eye apprehends it. (That doesn’t mean we don’t disagree on what we prefer or not, I am just saying that there really are objectively beautiful things out there. But this is just the deep thoughts side peaking out, so excuse my need to unpack every conceptual box I find.)

Helge: The beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Now I’m so sure you’ll feel sorry for me, because being so busy trying to launch Crafty Nation, I haven’t produced too many pretty things lately, and it’s starting to get to me. Part of the reason is that we tore my office/studio apart a few months ago, and had a hard time putting things back together. So this weekend, hubby set me up with an awesome organizational system, and as soon as I get everything put “beautifully” in its place, it’s back to beading. And then maybe I will feel a bit of regular ooooo, ahhhh again.

Helge: This is a coincidence. We have an association with 300 members. Some of them are professional designers and crafts people. We're busy launching (Fro).


Helge: It would be nice to talk what's same and what's different. I write as a member of the board of Nylands Hantverk r.f. More about this later.

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