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HobbyPrincess: Social Objects project

Helge: The information below is Fetched from HobbyPrincess blog. She writes about Social Objects project in her blog. HobbyPrincess is a nice ID. She studies Social Objects. We need new ideas and ways about how to get people, clients, users to connect to Social Objects - Connecting objects!

HobbyPrincess: Social Objects project: "Social Objects project Summary of the case examples Social Objects project explores new forms of Internet-mediated communication around design objects.

Between October and July 2007 we explored three main themes:
  1. micromarketing
  2. mobile tourism
  3. design-centered social networks

This happens in collaboration with young designers, museums, and a school, we built seven practical examples that each relates to a theme. All examples work on the free platform."


Ulla-Maaria Mutanen about herself, "I'm currently working on my PhD at the Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research at the University of Helsinki. My research focuses on the emerging forms of collaborative design activity. If you're interested in my research, visit my home page at the University of Helsinki. I'm also developing Thinglink, a free product code for creative work.

Before starting doctorate studies, I directed the Institute for Design Research, a nonprofit consultancy that specializes in promoting user-oriented design practices in small and medium sized companies. Prior to that I worked as a lecturer on product development and branding at the Faculty of Business Studies at Lahti Polytechnic.

I have two blogs: Hobbyprincess is an English-language blog where I post notes and writings about design, crafting, and technology.Umm is a Finnish-language blog about miscellaneous design-related topics. To contact me, send email to ulla [at] aula [dot] cc

Helge: Desing & Craft might like to be in touch with people working with new ways of promoting, marketing and developing methods for design and crafts people. Let's stay in touch. I ask U-M M to become a twitter-friend of the Frö-project. What did she say?

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HobbyPrincess Social Objects project

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visualradio Hello Ullamaaria, I think I wrote your name with one a in the design craft blog. It was interesting to read about what you are doing. Please read my blog entry: I co-write a blog for Nylands Hantverk r.f . The Design & Craft project is looking for new ways to promote crafter and designer works. Do you have a twitter? My twitter is and the Desingn et Craft is Have a nice weekend.

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