onsdag, september 05, 2007


Blunderbuss: "Market night is a new thing we're trying out as we're trying to find a way to showcase more independent young accessories/fashion designers out there -- precisely the type of people who make their own stuff and sell out of their own websites.

Helge: This is like Design & Craft in Nyland

We pretty much do a lot to promote independent musicians, visual artists, performance artists, writers and film makers but we haven't done much to promote designers just yet, which is why we thought up of this event.

Helge: More joint ventures. We tend to do things alone.

If there are any independent sellers out there who make their own stuff and want to be a part of this event, let me know! We are especially looking for handcrafted shirts and accessories that are for guys too. We seem to have a lot of items for women already."

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