torsdag, oktober 18, 2007

Parlez Moi Blog

Helge: Let me introduce...
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Name: Kathleen Valentine
Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States

I am a professional web and graphics designer and writer living in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Helge: Kathleen Valentine is writing about things Desing & Craft could write about. We need to get more work and project presentations.

Parlez Moi Blog: "I have a tendency to fall in love with colors and then acquire way too much stuff in that color. First it was violet and I still have bags of violet yarn, then it was periwinkle and I have plenty of that, too.

About a year or so ago I fell in love with deep pinks --- everything from 'Barbie' Rose to fuschia. I am still sort of in that phase although it seems aquamarine and sky blue are next on the horizon. Anyway, i still love all those colors and am glad I have the yarn though heaven only knows when I'll find time to use it all.

Recently I was reading about Banana Silk - a rayon-like plant fiber made from banana plants. It is especially noted for the high-sheen of the fiber. So I had to have some and found a really great deal on eBay. The stuff arrived recently and i must say it is interesting. It has quite a bit of weight so will be very drape-y.

The dye is inconsistent and misses the fiber altogether in some places (left) but that's fine. The color I ordered is called Hot Pink and it ranges from a warm rose to a deep rose. I have 15 skeins of the stuff and am planning a cropped vest or jacket depending on how it knits up. This should be interesting."

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