fredag, oktober 12, 2007

The SoWa Open Market - Boston

Helge: What can we learn from other Craft & Design events and shops? Could we cooperate more with other C&D's around the world?

  1. Exchange products
  2. Exchange experiences
  3. How to sell C&D
  4. Where to sell
  5. Pricing
  6. Collaboration

Home: "The SoWa Open Market offers a shopping experience like no other in Boston. With an ever-changing group of artisans, a hip location and the chance to feel the sun on you face while you browse, it's a trip worth making.

The Market offers the opportunity to meet the artists, vendors and farmers behind the work, and is fast becoming part of the South End's well-known artist's community. Every week offers shoppers something different and unique - you won't want to miss it!

The Market hosts a wide variety of vendors, whether you're looking for hand-crafted accessories, original art, antiques or just a fresh loaf of bread, you'll find painters, sculptors, photographers, clothing and jewelry designers, milliners, handbag designers, house wares, antique dealers, florists, bakers, local farmer's produce, and much more every week!

Open Every Sunday, through October 28th!"

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