måndag, december 31, 2007

Social Media and Supporting Susan Reynolds

Social Media, Twitter and Susan Reynolds. I've blogged about Susan Reynolds but didn't know about her breast cancer until this posting. Nylands Desgin Craft wishes Susan strength and hope she will get well.

Social Media at its Best..

This is my new avatar for awhile; something that a group of Twitter buds and I are calling a PEAvatar. If you take a look at my Twitter friends’ list on Fridays you’ll see that many, many of my friends are sporting peas. (Some are keeping them up all the time.)

No, we’re not touting the benefits of increasing your fiber or green vegetable intake, rather, we’re banding together in support of Susan Reynolds who is fighting breast cancer.

See.. that’s the thing about social media that people who don’t “get it” just don’t get. It’s not a bunch of crazy internet people wasting time on here talking to people that they don’t know. I’ve found that it’s generally a group of like minded people who are interested in using new media (through the use of Twitter, blogs, podcasts, Second Life, videoblogging, Seesmic, Utterz, and a whole host of social media sites) to get a point across, make connections, share content with others, and in this case do something very, very good.

I don’t personally know Susan, but many of my connections do and in that way we’re connected. (That’s the way its supposed to work, you build connections with your connections’ connections!) I’ve gained lots of new Twitter followers this week and have been connected with many new people as well.

Follow Susan’s journey on her blog, Boobs on Ice and find out what’s up with the peas but more importantly, jump over to the Frozen Pea Fund and make a donation in Susan’s honor to help fight this terrible disease. In the first 15 hours alone, the Twittersphere, Bloggersphere, Podcastingsphere, and Seesmicsphere raised $3500 to fight breast cancer. This is an example of Social Media at its best. :-)

Check out some other Peavatars in the Flickr pool and join us for more Frozen Pea Fridays!

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