tisdag, januari 22, 2008

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Today I was talking Social Mediea and Open Collaboration in a big business environement and I really felt sorry for them. The big corporations are locked behind firewalls, Internet security norms and NDA's from left to right.

Innovative and talented people can't open up. Tiny secrets are regulated to a maximum and big innovations become crisis management issues. The life in the corporate world is complex beyond belifef.

I believe in high-tech and high-touch!

Diva Marketing Blog - Marketing blogs and corporate social media strategies for innovative companies: "Connie Reese tells the story best of how a tiny snowflake twit grew into a green pea snowball of love. A green pea snowball .. how odd you may say but true stories are often stranger than fiction. Our story includes invisible people, a big scare, a brave woman and the spirit of kindness from so many.

Chapter One By Connie Reece (@conniereece)

A friend I’ve never met in person is scared. Very scared. Susan Reynolds (@susanreynods) is having a mastectomy tomorrow. She found the lump on December 5, went to the doctor the next day, and was immediately sent to a diagnostic radiologist. Big words, big fear: Invasive Lobular Carcinoma.

You can read about Susan’s journey through the cancer experience in her new blog, Boobs on Ice. The story I want to share is how a community of so-called invisible friends rallied around Susan to support, comfort and cheer her up–and somewhere along the way turned it into a fight–and a fund–against cancer.

It started on Twitter, where Susan is the self-proclaimed nana; she’s also a power networker with hundreds of followers. When she posted a new Peavatar_susan_reynolds_2avatar–a photo of a package of frozen peas tucked inside her camisole to relieve the"

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