måndag, september 08, 2008

Go, go, go to Paris for shopping

Irja and myself are thinking about a visit to Paris. She is busy surfing the net for new design and clothes. There was a coat she said, "I've to get that one."

The price tag was 75 euros. I've no idea what the ticket to Paris will cost but we're ready to carry the extra cost of staying there for at least a week.

One single photo of a coat that got her attention made us to take the decision: It's time for a shopping trip to Paris.

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Acion

This is a reminder for people who think it isn't possible to sell stuff to middle aged people over Internet.

Design & Crafts people think that the Internet is still for kids and young university students. I've to disagree. My friends on Facebook is already at 1 399. Most of them are in the age bracket of baby boomer's.

Whatever we plan to buy is first checked out on the Internet. The same applies to cars, politics, books, movies, events, and entertainment.

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