måndag, september 18, 2006

ArtStream Web 2.0

Nya möjligheter med Web 2.0. ArtStream är en del av en process som ingår i BarCamp. Nylands Hantverk kunde bli en del av en internationell s.k. Open Source utvecklingsprocess som kan leda till någonting helt annat internationellt. Det mesta sker på nätet.

What you read her is a fusion of art and modern application of Web 2.0 interactive technology. This could be a clever way to connect the Nylands Design Craft with international movements.

Olga is presenting artstream, her art project on how to improve museum experience through the cunning use of mobile technologies and web2.0. Basically the idea is that you can comment and “fav” pieces of the exhibtion, see extra elements like video interview with the artist and social functions like audio comments from other people. Then you can switch to offline mode, where you can re-organize the experience, managing contacts, comments and so on.

Personally I think this would be quite cool an application, bringing actual social power to museum consumption, which is something that usually ends with the end of the visit itself, and is bound to be synchronous. Actually some work in this direction can already be seen at the V&A for example (with podcasts and community events)... yet another potential evidence that this is a good path. Oh, and it makes use of shared google calendars :D

Artstream is a new way to navigate culture. On this site you can collect, sort, share your experience of museums and cultural events. All your museum experiences in one place.

  • Collect your favourite works in museums for your personal digital gallery, and make notes about them as you go, using Artstream application on your mobile phone. All the information about them will automatically appear on the personalised exhibition webpage on your ArtStream account.
  • Share your experience of exhibitions, stories about your favourite works and your comments with friends and family, or the whole community. Review what you have seen. Recommend what you like.
  • Discover new exhibitions and events recommended by your friends and by people with similar interests.
  • Plan your future visits with Interactive Timeline, showing exhibitions and events in museums of your choice. You can send invitations to friends and set reminders for events.
  • Tag Art See art you haven't seen before. Look in a new way. Describe works of art in your own words. Exchange your ideas with the community of art lovers. Lead others to artworks they wouldn't normally see. Create a personal relationship to works. Let museums know what you see. The more you tag, the richer the experience for all.

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