måndag, september 18, 2006

Designer Shops in San Frasisco

Designer Shops in San Fransisco. 'House style' is the complement to low-cost production in windowless sweetshops somewhere in an underdeveloped country. San Francisco clothing retailers that sell their own designs have been around for some while. This should be great to know for all of you working for your own Nylands Design Craft shop in Porvoo.

Tali Woodward writes: "However, there is one fun, inspiring, and exceedingly stylish way to shop with a lighter heart: patronize places shops owned by local designers. The San Francisco stores listed below sell clothing made by one or more of the shop owners – meaning the designers are getting a fair deal, as well as the opportunity to pursue their creative vision indefinitely. Not to mention the fact that the fashion options are invariably more original than anything you'll find at a chain store."

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