lördag, juni 21, 2008

About us – The Make Lounge

For your information, I stumbled up on and learned through Twitter...

About us – The Make Lounge: "If you’re like most busy people, you probably don’t get much opportunity to make things. (A Marks & Spencer ready meal doesn’t count.) Busy schedules, a real (or perceived) lack of skills, and not enough space to store tools and supplies can make taking a creative break seem nearly impossible.

Enter The Make Lounge, a fun, friendly place where you can ‘meet people and make stuff,’ through evening and weekend contemporary craft workshops.

Busy magazine journalist Jennifer Pirtle longed for a tactile experience after spending hours at her computer each day but had little experience with crafts. When she looked for a teacher, her enthusiasm quickly turned to frustration: most courses were several weeks long and required hundreds of pounds in fees. Worse still, their approach to crafting felt decidedly old-fashioned.

As she searched for an alternative, she met plenty of other people who felt the same way. Some wanted to make things but didn’t know how. Others simply wanted something different to do on their own or with friends. For each of them, she created The Make Lounge.

We hope you’ll join us at an upcoming workshop at The Make Lounge. And if there’s anything you’d really like to make but don’t see listed here, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!"

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