tisdag, juni 17, 2008

Green Your Decor — Your guide to stylish, eco-friendly decor!

Green Your Decor — Your guide to stylish, eco-friendly decor!: "Organic cotton and hemp are the obvious green alternatives, but the reason many people use vinyl in the first place is because of its convenience and affordability, two qualities that cotton and hemp cannot easily boast. For those of you who love IKEA, and there are many, you will be happy to learn that they carry several stylish shower curtains made of PEVA, an non-vinyl alternative that performs similar to standard PVC but without the chlorine and other toxins that make it hazardous to your health. PEVA is also biodegradable, making it not only safe for your family, but eco-friendly. They are unfortunately not available for sale online, but if you have a store in your area, by all means, go pick one up," writes Jennae Peterson in her blog Green Your Decor.

She is also following Design Craft on Twitter.


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