torsdag, juni 26, 2008

Ginger Black: An adventure in Glass

Ginger Black: "As promised, here's a full report of the Randolph Arts and Crafts Fest, June 14-15. Saturday it rained about 70 percent of the time. My mom (and number one fan) was my companion and cashier. Thanks Mom! Together, we enjoyed watching the people dive from tent to tent for cover. Many gave up trying to stay dry and some abandoned wearing shoes altogether. One person was cruising around on a motorized cooler! Who knew such a thing existed?

Sunday there was sunshine, and since many of the same people come both days, we got to see them all dried out. We yelled out compliments from behind the table on their fresh new look. Sales were down from last year, but gas is twice as much, and I'm trying to fill my tank just like everyone else so that's understandable. Even my little Honda Civic is taking over $40 to fill."

Helge: This is a blog about "An adventure in Glass."

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